I would like to have more information on the difference between BEng and MEng before making a choice.



Within the Faculty of Engineering, the BEng and MEng programmes are essentially the same, with the MEng having the addition of an integrated Masters year, making it a 4 year course in total. The MEng is in essence an enhanced BEng programme, which means that you have an extra year to study advanced topics and undertake a group project based on the needs of the industry. 

The first two years of the programmes are the same, with students studying the same modules at the same level. This means that any student on the BEng degree, who is progressing well and achieving the good grades, will be given the opportunity to transfer on to the MEng at the end of their second year. 

Whether you decide to apply for the BEng or MEng degree is your choice. It should be noted however that as it has an integrated Masters at the end of it, the entry requirements for the MEng are usually higher than those of the BEng. 

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