Is it possible to spend the Modern European Languages degree Year Abroad in three countries where the languages I am studying are spoken?



Students who study on the Modern European Languages (MEL) are required to split their Year Abroad (which is compulsory) between two countries in which two of the languages they study are spoken. Placements can be split, within Europe, between a combination of study, work and British Council Language Assistants under the Erasmus scheme (please note however that there are usually only short BCLA placements in Germany and Austria). It may also be possible, for students studying Spanish or Portuguese, to go on exchange to our partners in Peru or Brazil. Unfortunately it is not possible to split the year between all three countries. However, if you are considering studying Spanish and Catalan as two of the languages, please note that a number of our Spanish partners are in Catalan/Valencian speaking areas.For more information, see the SOCLAS Year Abroad Gateway


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